The Dragon Keeper Trial: First Draft

Hurrah! It’s time for an exciting update: I completed the first draft of my young adult epic fantasy, These Fleeting Flames, on April 11th.

100% • First Draft

As you can see, I’ve updated the WIP title at last, although I’m sure I’ll waffle on this title for a while, too. Alas, titles do not come to me easily. :no_mouth:

Calling this a “first draft” is a bit of a stretch. I’ve already revised and edited the first half of the book based on beta reader feedback, so it’s more of a draft2-draft1 combo.

I wrote the final 25k (essentially all of Act III) in the second week of April and then spent the next seven days working on my query letter, synopsis, and shaving 8k off my manuscript to hit my 100,000 word count goal. I’m still waiting on some beta feedback to really polish this story off, but it was in a good enough state for me to enter this year’s #RevPit contest on the 18th. Fingers crossed an editor asks to see more pages! :star2:

Keep an eye out for some upcoming artwork. :dragon: Now that the first draft is out of the way, I’m itching to do a little digital art, and dragons happen to be one of my favourite subjects.

Photo by Suket Dedhia from Pexels

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