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Blog posts under the "plot structure" category discuss how plotting using structure (such as Three Act Structure) can improve your writing.

Plot Structure: The First Pinch Point

This week I took a deep dive into studying the plot beat known as the “first pinch point” which, in Three Act Structure, occurs halfway through the first half of Act II. For those of you keeping track, that 3/8 of the way into your story — or at the 37.5% mark.

What prompted my exploration into the first pinch point? Beta reader feedback on the first draft of my novel, These Fleeting Flames. Readers weren’t feeling any threat from the antagonist within the second quarter of the story.

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Trimming Your Novel: High-level Trimming

Get out your notebook! Taking a step back from your manuscript and studying the entirety of your story can help you trim your word count. At this stage, you might cut entire scenes or chapters. You might cut or combine characters. You might rearrange, add, or remove plot elements. Sentence-level details are not a concern yet.

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